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What is Opera Hack?

  • Opera Hack is a gathering of artists, designers, and technology experts from around the world dedicated to the advancement of the art form of opera.

  • Participants will have the opportunity to network with creators from different cities to create multidisciplinary teams and bring forward innovative ideas.

  • Teams will collaborate and compete with proposals for grant money to meet challenges in the opera industry.

  • You don’t have to compete in order to participate in the workshops, panels, and discussions. Participation is open to the public and all participants will be invited to presentations by our expert Advisory Panel and special guests to learn more about how technologists and artists are working together to transform opera.

What if I don't have "enough experience" to participate in Opera Hack? [or] This is just for students, right?

  • Opera Hack is for EVERYONE! Past participants have included directors, stage managers, designers, coders, engineers, librettists, visual artists, performers, students, professors, CEOs, executive directors, XR experts, and more. The range of experience has been everything from college students to Broadway Designers.

How much does it cost to participate in Opera Hack?

  • Participation in Opera Hack is free!

What if I want to attend events, but not submit a proposal?

  • That is fine! Opera Hack is about Community, so come and join us!

Who is on this year's Advisory Panel?

  • ALEX COULOMBE (he/his) CEO, Heavenue / Agile Lens

  • SARAH LOUISE ELLIS (she/her) Director of Digital Development, Royal Shakespeare Company

  • ANNE HIATT (she/her) Co-Founder, Artistic and Executive Director, Opera on Tap

  • SHEIVA KHALILY (she/her) Virtual Production Producer, Lux Machina

  • SADAH ESPII PROCTOR (she/her/Espii) Composer/Sound Artist, Designer

  • STEPHANIE RIGGS (she/her) CEO, Odeon Theatrical

  • JENNIFER WILLIAMS (she/her) Director, Freelance

  • Go here and scroll down to read about our 2022 Leadership team.

What is the Schedule for Opera Hack 3.0?

  • You can see the full schedule here.

What are the rules for submitting proposals?

  • You can see them here, below the challenges.

What is a Hack/Social?

  • Every Hack/Social will feature a presentation of Opera Hack Advisory Panelists or Opera Hack Partners on their work, with time allocated for Opera Hackers to socialize with each other.

What is an Open Channel Event? 

  • This is dedicated open time for participants to meet with each other. They will be moderated by an Opera Hack Panelist or other team member.

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